Episode 109: Newport Mosque-Hakan Elevli

Jan Henderson discusses The Australia Islamic Centre, designed by architects Hakan Elevli and Glenn Murcutt, in Melbourne’s Newport.

In this week’s episode, Jan talks with architect Hakan Elevli on The Australian Islamic Centre at the Nation Gallery of Victoria. This contemporary building sets out to explore a new Australian Islam, challenging our notions of historical architectural typologies and aesthetics. Hakan has made sure that the building respects the fundamental principles and requirements of Islamic architecture, but has gone above and beyond the semiotic language of a traditional mosque through carrying out a progressive vision for architecture as a tool for intercultural development and dialogue.

The public are welcome to visit Hakan Elevli and Glenn Murcutt’s free exhibition “Architecture of Faith” at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Watch the 20-minute extended interview with Glenn Murcutt here.

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