Episode 31: Stuart Harrison’s Small Is Smart


Sustainable Fest croppedArchitect Stuart Harrison discusses why, when it comes to houses, bigger is not always better.

Australians have the biggest houses in the world. With ever-increasing urban sprawl, we need to consider building smaller, more space-efficient homes. Stuart Harrison,          author of ‘Forty-Six Square Metres of Land Doesn’t Normally Become a House’, explores how good design can create more sustainable buildings and how the constraints of space often result in the most innovative houses.

Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne, 2013, Venue: The Reading Room, Fitzroy Town Hall

Presented by Yarra Libraries and sponsored by The Thomas, Samuel and George Ewing Trust

Segment Producer  –  Jesse Delmo

Camera – Declan Sands

Editing – Dayna Shorthouse, Liz Sarsfield