Straight And True teaser trailer


Traces Films partners Richard Raber and Naomi Bishops have been producing architectural films in Melbourne for several years. The teaser trailer for Straight and True is offered as a means to both spread the word about this worthwhile project and to secure additional material and support. Here is what the film makers have written about their project:

Originally conceived as a feature documentary series, ‘Straight and True’ explores the exciting period of Australian architectural history known as the Modernist era. This is the story of how a generation of young architects and their clients attempted to change the way we live in line with a stronger more defined sense of the Australian environment and lifestyle. It is also a cultural critique examining why Australians on the whole rejected this incredible leap forward. In other words a cultural look at the Australian psyche and it’s general apathy towards design and a fear of change.

Due to the multi-layered nature of this project, both visually and thematically and its immense scope (covering mid-century domestic architecture in every major Australian city) we have decided to change its shape from linear documentary to a multi-platform transmedia project. We are currently in talks with several digital content creators to find the perfect partnership to help realise this new shape… 

If you have any questions or you think you might have visual material that could contribute to this project, please email us at: