The Designers – Mim Design presents a new series of interviews entitled The Designers. Over the next months Jan Henderson will chat with some of Australia’s best designers to uncover the journey each has made in their quest for success.

Every designer is distinctive, each practice different but what they all have in common is a need to realize their own particular design visions and a quest to achieve the best for their clients.

This month Jan talks to Miriam Fanning from Mim Design. Miriam, or Mim as she’s fondly known, talks about Mim Design’s philosophy, what sets the practice apart from other design firms, what inspires her, and finding a fulfilling balance between family life and business.



About Jan Henderson

Jan commenced her now thirty year role in the design industry with the award winning and internationally recognised interior design company, Mitchelson and Henderson. It was here that she instinctively understood that a keen eye for design was not enough to sustain a business. Effectively Jan saw the need for exemplar client and media relations as a means to create advocates and thereby a perpetuating broadening client base. Positive media coverage was key to this expansion and Jan quickly evolved a strategic and deliberate approach to this side of the industry. Indeed, it is her customer relation and media management skills that have seen her excel in the design, catering, legal, furnishing and publishing industries. Moreover her recent position as Associate Publisher with Architecture Media saw these skills rise to the fore as she introduced awards and generated and oversaw the appropriate sponsorship to make a lasting mark in the industry. Similarly, in her role as Editor of (Inside) Interior Design Review for Niche Media, Jan, while responsible for all aspects of the magazine was also directly responsible for the Idea Awards, now a highly regarded award staple in the design industry. Her role with Niche was recognised in 2008 when Jan was named Editor of the Year.

Producer – Ron Brown

Director & Camera – Ron Brown

Second Camera, Stills  & Editing – Amruta Nargundkar