Utzon Speaks Part 2: Meeting The Committee



For the first time since the early 1970’s, Sydney Opera House architect, Jorn Utzon, appears in an extensive filmed interview, speaking about the creation of one of the world’s most iconic buildings. Filmed at Hellebaek Denmark at Utzon’s home, The Edge of the Possible is a gentle portrait of a man and his enduring work.

ArchiTel has secured the rights to previously unseen extracts from the interview, courtesy of the film’s producers Film Art Media, which have never before been broadcast. In this clip, the second in a monthly series, Utzon talks about meeting the committee of management, which included Stanley Haviland as Chairman, ABC General Manager Charles Moses, University of Sydney Prof of Architecture Henry Ashworth and reporting to NSW Labor Premier Joseph Cahill.

In later clips, Utzon reveals aspects of his design motivation, design concepts and the battle with the NSW government over the troubled project in these telling scenes. A tribute to Utzon’s work on the Sydney Opera House can be found HERE.

Over the next few months ArchiTel will present some segments as featured Episodes, so please check back regularly for new installments.

    DVDs of the Special Edition finished film, The Edge of the Possible, are available for purchase from Film Art Media.